Fifty Shades of Rage

Fifty Shades of Rage cover imageYou know what it’s like … you’ve been driven to the point of blood-boiling, git-strangling anger by some unspeakably putrid aspect of the modern world, and there’s no-one to share your impotent frustration, your purple-faced apoplexy, or your barely-contained inner murderousness. Until now …

With the aid of one of those modern eReaders, tablets, or other variety of shiny rectangle that lets you play books, you can now carry the first fifty of this blog’s shouty rants with you at all times!¬† Never again will you be stuck for some rabid words to help calm your nerves and soothe your soul (the one you don’t have).

And the best news of all is that it’s absolutely FREE!¬†Just right-click the link of a suitable format below, save it to your PC, then transfer it to your device with the appropriate piece of string.

Format Supporting devices
AZW3 Kindle
MOBI Kindle, Kobo, and others
EPUB Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Sony Reader, and others

Disclaimer: neither the author, nor this site, will be held responsible for either the damage you might inflict upon your eReader/tablet whilst reading this book, or for any assault charges you end up on as a result of inserting it in the first person to annoy you.